Rupert Boneham of the hit show "Survivor"
Rupert Boneham of the hit show "Survivor"
Cleaning Technology
Cleaning Technology

Rental Equipment Cleaners

Keeping your equipment looking good, has never been easier to do.



This product is simple to use:  

Simply spray or foam it on

 let it set for roughly 1-2 minutes

 rinse off.


Not only does it remove over-spray paint but you can also use it on:



Heavy Duty Degreasing Jobs

General Cleaning of all equipment

                               Removes adhesive from old decals that have come off

We designed Gleam to be easy.

No buffing

No rinsing

No re-applying 

Long-lasting in the elements


Simply spray it on a dull painted service and walk away.  

Many pieces of equipment come back to the shop with Concrete residues.

Cleaning can take hours of chiping and scraping.


Simply spray on the "Splash Remover" let dry and high pressure spray off.

Blaze!!! says it all......

Time Means Money

It's Fast 

Spray it on and watch it go to work immediately

Within 1-2 minutes 

Rinse off 


Safe to use:

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